Puppy Survey
Thank you for your interest in our dogs. Please answer the following questions so that we can more accurately select the right puppy for you.

All information is confidential. Thank you for your cooperation.
How soon would you want to add a Toller/Boykin to your household?
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What are you interested in?
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What you be using your Toller/Boykin for?
Will you neuter/spay?
If not,why not?
Would you consider breeding?
If, So would you join the Breeder's Directory and be willing to abide by its quidelines?
Would you be willing to learn how a co-ownship arrangement would work?
Where would the puppy stay during the day?
How long will the puppy be alone?
Where will puppy stay at night?
Do plan to use a crate/kennel for your pup?
Do you understand how this method works?
Are you willing to properly vaccinate your dog following the breeders' suggestions, provide any other necessary veterinary treatments, feed high quality dog food, and license your pet as per local requirements?
List previously owned dogs,breed,use,age,and cause of death:
Are there any other pets in the home now? 
If yes,please describe
While we realize that the following may contain questions you may not feel comfortable answering, please keep in mind the fact that a puppy is a lifelong investment. There are logical reasons why we ask this information since we place these puppies for life.  It is our hope that by knowing more about you and your lifestyle, we can more appropriately place our puppies, and meet your pet needs. If you feel a question is too personal, leave it blank.
Are you:
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Occupation of adults:
Who will the puppy be sharing the house with?
Who will have primary responsibility for care of dog?
If there are children at home, what are their ages?
Do all family members want a dog and in particular a toller?
Is someone home during the day?
If not what arrangement would make for your new pup?
What arrangements will be made if away for holidays?
Do you have a securely fenced yard?
Do you:
What type of setting do you live?
Please describe
If not, are you willing to install fencing?
If not, why not?
Are you willing to keep us informed of your Toller's progress with regular updates and photos?
Do you understand you are making a commitment for the entire life of this dog, which could be up to 15 years?
Will you be willing to join either the US NSDTR Club or Canadian NSDTR Club for tollers or the Boykin Spaniel Club and Breeders Association of America for Boykins?  (Membership includes a quarterly publication)
Are there other kennels you currently are in discussions with?.  
If so,who?
How active is your lifestyle?
Are you aware that most Tollers/Boykins are active dogs and need daily exercise?
What actvities will you plan t meet its needs?
Are you willing to attend obedience-training classes for at least one year?
Have you trained a dog before at formal obedience classes?
If yes, trained to what level/titles.
If your dog is to be a hunting companion or compete at hunt tests, are you willing to attend hunting/retriever-training?
If not, what method will you use? Please describe:
What books have you read on dog training?
Do you intend to exhibit your Toller/Boykin at dog shows?
Have you shown dogs before?
Would you be willing to allow your Toller?Boykin to be shown at dog show?
(If so, be aware he/she cannot be neutered/spayed) 
Do you intend to run your Toller?Boykin at hunt test/trials?
Any comments or questions?
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